Care for depression and more in Honolulu

You go to the doctor to treat your body when things don't feel quite right, so why not do the same for your mind? When you're struggling with hardships in life or aren't feeling like yourself, the right clinical assistance can make all of the difference. With over 17 years in practice, Jeannie Hogan, PhD can provide the compassionate treatment you need to help heal your mental and emotional self.

Relationship counseling

Even the best relationships can go through ups and downs. Whether you or your partner are struggling to communicate or you're looking for a way to resolve conflict, one on one or couples sessions can facilitate communication, resolve roadblocks, and work toward a healthier union.

Depression and anxiety

In any given year, nearly 7% of the U.S. adult population suffers from depression. Dr. Hogan is highly experienced in working with depression, anxiety, stress, and aging, helping clients to discuss their problems and come to customized resolutions, no matter what's at the root of issues.

Substance abuse

Drugs and alcohol affect millions of Americans. When you're dedicated to getting help, Jeanne Hogan can help you work through your addictions, take a healthier approach to life, and do what it takes to get back on the right track. With a goal to promote clean, healthy living, it's possible for even the most serious addictions to find the right approach.
Woman sitting on the couch and looking at therapist
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